Meet Ms.Silva

Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in your health. My name is Araceli Silva, I'm a Jewelry Artisan with a deep interest in being healthy to cultivate vibrant energy to best express my creativity. I strongly believe that we are responsible for our own health and letting our food be our medicine. I've been following a plant base diet for 15 years, which means no meat, and a Vegan for ten years- No dairy or animal by-products. At the age of three my Mom says I refused to eat meat-I tried some but It didn't resonate with me.
 Being an artisan I travel around town showcasing my work-I always travel with my own lunch and times when I'm eating people inquire about the food on my plate- and that's how this blog got started. I collected emails to share recipes and healthy tips. People began to reach out for more than just my jewelry. I've complied some information that may be useful in our daily practice. It's all natural and wholesome. Enjoy the updates and welcome to your evolution blessings~ Araceli  

Growing Food all organic

Little compost worms


Harvesting Love

Tahoe fresh air breathe deep 2013

mini frog

found this little critter in our veggie bed

Home Grown

Harvesting is a blessing-give thanks

Northern California

Our back yard is beautiful~ LA


Thank you for visiting please also visit my Jewelry blog -blessings ~araceli


  1. Hi Araceli, I don't think you will remember me, but I have always remembered you. We both went to Berendo junior high. I would go to the school dance, just to see you. I have always wished you the best. I'm glad you are doing well, I think what you do is great! If you want to know who I am post a new picture of you tomorrow. I ALWAYS THOUGHT YOU WERE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL EVER!!!

  2. Hi Araceli: I met you yesterday morning at Hollywood Market, It was such a great pleasure to meet you. I'm sure you meet a lot of people, but my son and I were really impressed with your jewelry and your patience to explain about the stones, and healing. Thanks. Loyda

    1. Yes! I remember you and your son so great to connect. It's one of the reasons I love the Hollywood Farmers Market, Its a wonderful place to share ideas. Hope to see you soon blessings ~ Araceli

  3. You still not coming this Sunday?

  4. Hi Areceli: I sent you an e-mail today, please reply. Thanks so much. Loyda

    1. Loyda, I've seem to over looked this message and can't recall an emil from you, nevertheless I am here now. Sometimes I don't check in here as much as my jewelry blog. I trust you and your son are well and in high spirits. Be well~Araceli
      Ps. I'm at the Hollywood Farmers Market this coning Sunday.