Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Healthy bodies = Healthy Minds = Healthy Spirit = Healthy life

Our bodies are perfect vessels designed to keep us strong and build immunities to disease. When we provide our body with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and sugars from plant base foods we cultivate a healthy cellular community in our body for optimum health. Juicing is a great way to get micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) into our blood stream right away.  When we eat colorful we feel colorful and we don’t crave fast food or refined sugar. Simply we are what we eat. This is not a persuasive perspective but simply one that shares information that has benefited our ancestors and healthy vegans including myself.  It is intended to help you optimize your health 100%. The reasoning for poor health habits is often” I don’t have time”, “it’s too complicated” or simply “I don’t know what to eat if I don’t eat meat”. The first step to a healthy mind and body is information. ~May It Serve To Refine Your Spirit~Araceli

How does it all work?
“Through centuries of observation and practice, the Aztecs have come up with mathematical formulas for balancing human, family, community, and spiritual life. This formula is based upon the following proportions: 52%, 26%, 13%, and 9% all of which add up to 100%. For example 52% of basic human health depends upon proper respiration, 26% upon resting and sleeping, 13% upon proper hydration, and 9% upon proper nutrition. This adds up to 100% equilibrium, which makes up basic life because it allows our energy to move in the most efficient way possible. We can apply these same proportions to all aspects of life. A proper nutritional balance would be made up of 52% grains, 26% vegetables, 13 % fruits and 9% protein”. —ELENA AVILA (WOMEN WHO GLOW IN THE DARK)

One step at a time and knowing you are making the change because you love your temple and desire to be a true expression of your divine light~

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